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Release of Bugzilla 4.2rc2, 4.0.4, 3.6.8, and 3.4.14

Today we are announcing the second Release Candidate for Bugzilla 4.2, in addition to one new stable release and two security-only updates for the 3.4.x and 3.6.x series.

Bugzilla 4.2rc2 is our second Release Candidate for Bugzilla 4.2. This release has received QA testing, and should be considerably more stable than the development releases before it. It is still not considered fully stable, and so you should understand that if you use it, you use it at your own risk. This will most likely be the last release candidate before 4.2 final.

Bugzilla 4.0.4 is our latest stable release. It contains various useful bug fixes and security improvements for the 4.0 branch.

Bugzilla 3.6.8 and 3.4.14 are security updates for the 3.6 branch and the 3.4 branch, respectively.

All the gory details and download links and the security advisory are available on our website.

Get Involved

As always, we love new contributors in every area. There are a lot of ways to contribute to Bugzilla–you don’t just have to be a programmer. In particular, we’d really love to have somebody to be in charge of our documentation. If you know anybody who’s a great documenter (including yourself!) who wants to help out an open-source project, please send them our way!