Bugzilla Newsletter – Dec 2022 Review

Bugzilla Newsletter – Dec 2022 Review

I’m going to try to keep a monthly newsletter like this going so people can keep up to date on what’s going on with the Bugzilla project.  Hopefully in the future I’ll get it out a little closer to the beginning of the month. With that said, here’s a review of what happened in December 2022:

  • Dylan continued to work on simplifying the docker config in Harmony to be usable out of the box without depending on Mozilla’s infrastructure and private docker repos. (still in progress)
  • Justdave wrote a blog post detailing the current project status.
  • Justdave communicated with multiple organizations who made inquiries about donating funds.
  • Justdave wrote up a funding proposal at the request of an organization who might be interested in funding some of our work in a more substantial way.
  • Justdave engaged in conversations with the Mozilla Foundation about how to handle the legal/financial side of the Bugzilla project going forward, since they technically own it, even though it’s treated as a community project. (still in progress – this needs to be resolved before we can accept the above-mentioned donations, though directly funding individual developers can still happen without that)
  • Justdave spent time experimenting with intercepting and modifying GitHub webhooks in pursuit of Bug 1802737, a prerequisite to committing security bugs prior to the upcoming releases. (still in progress)

We’re making slow and steady progress. I’m starting to think we won’t get the big releases that I mentioned in the blog post last month out as soon as hoped, but we’re definitely getting closer.

Most of the fixed bugs in December had to do with cleaning up the website (fixes for things broken by the site redesign).

Upcoming plans for January (and perhaps February) :

  • Finish off Docker support for both 5.2 and harmony (5.9).
  • Finish the infrastructure fixes (mostly GitHub and Bugzilla integration with the chat bots) needed to commit the security fixes.
  • Continue the discussions with Mozilla Foundation in hopes of being able to accept donations soon.
  • Set up a triage party to work on winnowing down the older bug reports.
  • Get the releases out the door.

The rest of this post is a bunch of statistics, so if you’re not into that stuff you can stop reading now.

There were 11 new bugs filed in December, of which one of them is classified as a low-severity security bug.  2 of the bugs were for the website, and 1 for the IRC bot, the remainder for Bugzilla itself.

Overall there were 17 bugs touched during December, including the above 11.

7 bugs were resolved. 3 INVALID, 1 WORKSFORME, 1 DUPLICATE, and 2 FIXED.

0 pull requests were created in the bugzilla repo.

0 pull requests were touched in the bugzilla repo.

0 pull requests were closed in the bugzilla repo.

1 pull request was created in the harmony repo.

2 pull requests were touched in the harmony repo.

1 pull request was closed in the harmony repo

There were 22 total commits to GitHub across all of Bugzilla’s repositories.

The meaningful commits to harmony did the following:

  • Set the version number to 5.9+ (justdave)
  • Fixed a crash during installation/testing when the code tried to access the database when it hadn’t been created yet. (dylan)

And that’s it for December!


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